Our Top 10 Picks For Underwater Exploration Photos On Instagram

Photo: David Doubilet / Barcroft USA (Getty)

We can barely stand ourselves every day on land. Therefore, it would stand to reason that a little underwater exploration on Instagram might be just what the doctor ordered. If you like to geek out over Planet Earth or James Cameron’s deep-sea diving, these high-quality photos (and the folks behind them) are a true spectacle to behold. Dive in deep and see for yourself.

1. Paul Nicklen

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Paul Nicklen is both the co-founder of Sea Legacy, an organization with a mission to clean up the oceans, and a photographer for National Geographic. You may have heard of them.

2. Sarah Lee

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Sarah Lee keeps it surface-level with her underwater photography, but in the best way possible. She focuses on capturing what’s happening both above and below the water at the same time, using gorgeous, half-naked women as points of relativity.

3. Alastair Pollock

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Alastair is a Sydney-based photographer who captures exotic marine life better than most. His obsession with sea horses may actually rival my own. God bless ya, Mr. Pollock.

4. Brian Skerry

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There’s nothing scary about the work of Brian Skerry. Well, unless you have a fear of sharks ripping your head off. While VR has come a long way with out-of-the-cage underwater experiences on land, Skerry is doing a damn good job keeping the 2D alive.

5. NOAA Ocean Exploration

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It’s one of the most official feeds you’ll get for underwater research and exploration. We imagine James Cameron touches himself to posts like these on a nightly basis. Of course, joking aside, the most important thing about this feed is the attention to detail.

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6. Amanda Cotton

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Crocs, whales and sharks up close and way too personal is Cotton’s mode of operation. Any closer and you’ll be counting the teeth from the inside.

7. David Doubilet

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National Geographic photographer David Doubilet is all about underwater education. That’s why his photos both honor and inspire, like head shots for the aquatic elite.

8. Andrey Shpatak

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Russian scuba shoot Andrey Shpatak is hard to get to know since everything is written in a foreign language. However, perhaps his photography, both exotic and wildly colorful, speaks on a higher level. Plus, there’s no translation button on his feed.

9. Sean Chinn

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The Great White Sean is an elusive creature,  but one not to miss (much like the great jaguar shark). If you can capture it whilst listening to Sigur Ros, you have attained nirvana. Even though he shoots in auto mode, we still adore the work.

10. Fred Buyle

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Fred Buyle is a free-diving madman whose Instagram carries a lot of blue hues to it. He’s both a Nikon and chocolate snob, but can you blame him?