RANKED! The Best Gaming Headphone Reviews 2019 – Mandatory

Nothing feels as good as gaming with your headphones on, especially football, soccer, and strategy games. To help provide you with that excellent experience, this article will suggest some of the best gaming headphones on the market for you.

Best Choice

HyperX Cloud II is the best Gaming Headphones? Our review at mandatory.comencoversall pros and cons.

All in one gaming headphones

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset meets all the basic standards that define excellent gaming headphones.
Best Choice

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Compatibility – It is compatible with various gaming platforms.

Echo and Noise-Canceling Technologies – Ensures that you give your game maximum concentration.

Surround Sound – Ideal for strategy games.

Price – The price of these headphones is a bit high. However, considering the features that come with this headphone, this is a fair price.

Best Noise-Canceling

RUNMUS K8 Blue is the best Gaming Headphones? Our review at mandatory.comencovers all pros and cons.

Enjoy gaming without distractions

The noise-canceling feature helps you focus more on the game by ensuring that other ambient noises do not distract you. We found the RUNMUS Gaming Headset to be excellent noise-canceling headphones.
Best Noise-Canceling

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Noise-Canceling – These headphones have excellent noise-canceling abilities.

Compatibility – These headphones are compatible with Nintendo, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSP, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS.

Ergonomics – The headphones have the best ergonomics to ensure that you don’t experience pain.

Undetachable Mic – Although the mic is adjustable, you cannot detach it.

Best Durability

Corsair Void Pro RGB is the best Gaming Headphones? Our review at mandatory.comencovers all pros and cons.

Robust yet comfortable gaming headphones

We all want things that last. In the case of gaming headphones, the Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset is your best bet. Enjoy long term durability with exceptional comfort.
Best Durability

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Durability – You’ll use these gaming headphones for a long time before you even think of disposing of them.

Wireless – This gives you the freedom to move your head around without annoying wires.

Surround Sound Technology – Makes it fit for strategy games.

Unidirectional microphone.

Price – These headphones are expensive. However, it offers true value for money.

Best Comfort

BENGOO V-4 is the best Gaming Headphones? Our review at mandatory.comencovers all pros and cons.

Ideal for long gaming sessions

You do not want to play with uncomfortable gaming headphones. When it comes to ensuring your comfortability, the BENGOO V-4 Gaming Headset is the device for you.
Best Comfort

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Comfort – Gives you comfort to use it for long hours.

Price – Given the features of these earphones, it is cheap.

Noise-canceling – Gives you maximum concentration.

Compatibility – You’ll need to have an extra Microsoft Adapter to connect with Xbox One.

Best Affordable

RUNMUS K2 Red is the best Gaming Headphones? Our review at mandatory.comencovers all pros and cons.

Great quality for an affordable price

The RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset delivers surround sound, which is key to you having an added advantage over your opponents, especially when playing games such as Fortnite and PUBG.
Best Affordable

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Compatibility – Compatible with multiple platforms.

Affordability – Given the numerous features, the price is just right.

Noise-Canceling – Enables you to give maximum concentration.

Weight – A little weighty compared to most headphones.

What Really Matters?

Finding the best gaming headphones out there–especially when every manufacturer is bombarding you with ads claiming to be the best– is a daunting task.

The following are some things to consider.

Noise-Canceling Ability

Gamers use headphones instead of the computer’s speakers for concentration purposes.  noise is a distraction. Look for headphones that have noise-canceling abilities.


Like anything, you do not want to buy headphones that will break within a short period. You want a headphone that will last and offer you value for your money.


One of the disadvantages that comes with the prolonged use of headphones is ear discomfort.

A good pair of earphones should make gaming fun without having to fumble with your earphones every now and then due to the discomfort.

In short, buy gaming headphones whose manufacturer has given enough attention to its ergonomics to reduce any discomfort and thus make your gaming experience great.

What’s in Right Now?

A lot is constantly happening in the gaming industry, especially when it comes to the creation and the design of gaming headphones. If you are the type that likes to be ahead of the pack, the following are some points on what is trending in the gaming headphones market.

Gamers are increasingly looking for headphones that come with microphones. Although mics in gaming headsets are often overlooked, gamers are increasingly finding a use for them. Such uses include the headphones doubling as a normal microphone, for which you can make video calls. There is no need to have two headphones.

Another current trend is the use of wireless gaming headphones. Most conventional headphones are wired, resulting in limited mobility. However, with wireless headphones, you can concentrate on the game.


Of course: price matters. With different prices come different features. For simplicity, we have divided the gaming headphones into general three categories to give you a brief summary of what you should expect in each price category.


These gaming headphones cost the least in the market. At this price range, expect to find the most basic of the features needed for gaming.

Sometimes you might find good gaming headphones in this range. It is, therefore, important that you seek reviews from other gamers.


This price range offers features that are more advanced than those in the cheap category, but not as advanced as those gaming headphones considered expensive.

However, it is not uncommon to find gaming headphones in this price range that have the same–or sometimes better–features than expensive gaming headphones.

These gaming headphones are best for pro-gamers.


These gaming headphones are of better quality and are more durable, comfortable, and noise-canceling the most gaming headphones.

However, expensive headphones are not always the best quality.

It is always good to seek a second opinion about a product before you buy it.


Should I buy a wireless or a wired gaming headphone?

If you’re the kind that moves their head around too much while gaming, wireless headphones are for you. But be ready to forego the advantages that come with wired headphones, such as zero-lag time and enhanced battery life.

Is an adjustable suspension headband necessary in gaming headphones?

Yes! The adjustable headband ensures that you can loosen or tighten the clamping force, giving you additional comfort when playing.