Chef José Andrés Wants Biden to Name a Secretary of Food (And 10 Other Cabinet Positions We’d Like to See Created (And Who Would Run Them)

José Andrés is much more than a celebrity chef. The founder of World Central Kitchen, an organization that strives to strengthen communities through food resilience programs and culinary training, Andrés isn’t in it for fame. He truly wants to make the world a better place by feeding as many people as possible. He believes that access to healthy food is a fundamental right. He said so in a recent opinion piece in The New York Times. He also pointed out the ongoing pandemic has shown how ill-equipped the U.S. is to deal with food shortages and the inability to feed those in need.

“The weaknesses of our national food policies were obvious to experts well before we knew about Covid-19. The pandemic has exposed these failures to the rest of the world,” he said.

According to Andrés, we require a Secretary of Food. While this is a serious plea from the chef, it makes us wonder who might be equipped to hold this new cabinet position as well as nine other positions that we’d like to see in Biden’s administration (although none are remotely as important as Secretary of Food).

Photo: Paul Morigi (Getty Images) 

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