Red Wine For Blue: The Democratic Drinking Game For an Anxious Election Night

Our everyday lives in 2020 are already full of stress. There’s turmoil in our streets, division between political ideologies like we’ve never seen before, and an ongoing pandemic that’s forcing many of us to work from home and isolate ourselves from loved ones. Add in the impending presidential election and you have the makings of a tinder fire filled with anxiety and fear. It’s enough to drive us to drink. Not to excess, but enough to make it through election night without throwing a shoe through our TV.

Since we don’t want you simply sitting on your couch, staring gape-jawed at the TV while you await the election results state by state, we figured we should at least make the event fun. And we know that all fun things are only made better by the addition of booze. That’s why we came up with “The Democratic Drinking Game For an Anxious Election Night.” Because you won’t be able to relax until the results are in and the orange-hued combover is on his way out (hopefully).

The rules are as follows:

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