Dwayne Johnson Gives 101-Year-Old Unlikely Birthday Gift, Not What We’d Guess The Rock Is Cooking

Photo: instagram.com/therock/

When it comes to Hollywood A-list actors, Dwayne Johnson sits at the top of the pack. Seemingly overnight, the man sometimes known simply as “The Rock” went from a WWE wrestler known by that rabid fanbase to one of the most sought-after actors in the world. It seems like the star of Moana and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle makes 10 movies a year and most of them are watchable if not great. But, even with all the success he’s had in the last decade, it seems like it hasn’t affected his ego. Johnson is known as one of the most likable and generous men in Hollywood. It was on full display recently when he paid tribute to a fan celebrating her 101st birthday by sending her the best gift he could think of: a few bottles of tequila.


Marie Grover might be a centenarian, but she loves everything about The Rock. It should be noted that this isn’t a new infatuation with the Rampage star. According to PEOPLE, a woman named Jamie Klingler tweeted at The Rock last year asking if he’d wish her a happy birthday. The reason? She remembered that over 25 years ago Grover pointed out how handsome The Rock (then a wrestler) was and she would even wear sweatshirts adorned with his face. That love didn’t recede; it only grew as the actor’s career bloomed over the years.

This led to Johnson singing “Happy Birthday” to Grover last year. The video is paired with Grover’s delighted response. It’s the kind of moment that makes you realize how the littlest things you do can be so important to others.

In the last year, Johnson didn’t forget about Grover. When her 101st birthday came around, he decided to send her a few bottles of his Teremana Tequila as well as a card he wrote for her. He posted the photo of the excited grandma and a message telling her to make sure to “SIP the mana, grandma and it’s not time to do shots.”

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