McDonald’s New Spicy Nuggets With McFlurry Chaser Is the Cold Plunge Nobody Asked For

Some foods don’t need to be improved. Chicken nuggets are among them. But McDonald’s latest upgrade sounds enticing. The fast-food behemoth just announced it’s spicing things up when it comes to the fried, poppable poultry pellets that have been on its menu since 1983.

Starting Sept. 16, you can order Spicy Chicken Nuggets! The new nugs will still be made from the same white-meat chicken as the original, but they’ll be breaded in a tempura coating and spiced with cayenne and chili pepper for an extra kick in the taste buds.

If that’s not enough heat for you, try dipping your nuggets in Mighty Hot Sauce, which is infused with crushed red pepper flakes and spicy chilies. It’s Mickey D’s first new dipping sauce in three years and is the restaurant’s hottest condiment ever.


Photo: McDonald’s

Now, McDonald’s could’ve – should’ve – quit while it was ahead. Instead, it decided to debut a new dessert menu item, too. It’s a Chips Ahoy! McFlurry. The ice cream treat features vanilla soft serve blended with caramel sauce and crumbled Chips Ahoy! cookies.

Photo: McDonald’s

We’re all for palate cleansers, but this sounds like a serious gut ache. Add a few fistfuls of spicy chicken nuggets and you are going to be begging the digestion gods for mercy.

Then again, this is the age of coronavirus and we could all use some new comfort foods to binge eat. Just be prepared this is the cold plunge of fast food. Get it while it’s hot!

Cover Photo: McDonald’s

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