House Beer Drops Grapefruit Radler, The Perfect Endless Summer Drink (Almost Too Good to Be Beer)

Photo: House Beer

If you know anything about House Beer it’s the fact that the Venice, California-based brewery literally only makes one beer. Yes, you guessed it, House Beer. This refreshing lager is perfect for a day at the beach or paired with your favorite grilled foods. It’s highly crushable, light, and perfect. Crafting just one beer has been a tremendously smart business model for this young brewery. Who needs to drop a new milkshake IPA every week when you make one perfect beer, right? Well, now they make two.

It would be different if this brewery all of a sudden dropped five different varieties on us. Then, we might have cause for alarm. But we can handle one more. Especially if it’s a radler.

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This thing smashes summer harder than your seltzer, and you can still hold your head high knowing you’re drinking beer, instead of 🤷‍♂️ who knows what…

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For those who don’t know what a radler (or shandy) is, it’s a beer mixed with lemonade or a citrus-based juice. In House Beer’s case, it’s a Grapefruit Radler. This 4 percent ABV, highly crushable brew starts with the brand’s well-known lager and is blended with fresh grapefruit juice. If the original House Beer Lager was the king of the beach, it just lost its crown to its citrus-fueled cousin.

Luckily, like some other radlers and shandies, the fruit flavor isn’t overpowering. The flavor has been described as something akin to a cross between a refreshing rosé and light beer with a bittersweet grapefruit twist. This just might be the perfect end-of-summer beer for anyone who isn’t ready for that summer breeze to stop blowing just yet. It’s light, delicious, smooth, and almost too delicious that you can’t drink just one.

Plus, the can was designed by local artist Craig Stecyk and pays homage to the city the brewery is located in and we think that’s pretty cool.

Cover Photo: House Beer

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