This Instagram Account Is Distracting Us From the Pandemic by Making Everything Out of Cake

Photo: DiyanaDimitrova (Getty Images)

In the days and months since this pandemic began, we’ve all be searching for something to take our minds off of everything going on in the world. 2020 has been a real bummer of a year so far. Luckily, we can always turn to the internet for funny cat videos, people falling down montages, and, the newest trend: realistic cakes.

We’re not sure when it started, but if you spend any time perusing social media, you’ll see a lot of uncomfortably realistic cakes camouflaged as other things. From Crocs to a head of lettuce to a seemingly mouth-watering grilled steak, everything seems to be a secret cake in 2020. We’re not here to tell you that we don’t enjoy cake (we do). It’s just that sometimes when we’re scrolling through Instagram and we come across a crispy, gooey-looking grilled cheese sandwich only to see someone cut into it and reveal that it’s actually a cake, it shakes us to our core.

We’re already stressed out. We just can’t handle the shock of seeing a pot full of succulents only to see a knife appear off screen, cut it in half and reveal a cake beneath.

Since sometimes we miss trends, it appears that people crafting realistic cakes has been around for years. It’s just that people didn’t have as much free time to obsess over them until now. It helps that everyone has been home for three-plus months baking bread and maybe even trying their hand (likely horribly) at making their own realistic cakes. We’re not so sure in our ability to make a cake that looks like a sneaker, so we’ll just stick to eating the sweet, frosting-covered dessert instead.

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