The Mandatory Beginner’s Guide to Grief

It’s a tough time to be a human. The coronavirus pandemic has hit us all hard, forcing us into isolation and, in some cases, unemployment. Police brutality has hit a fever pitch and people all over the world are mourning loved ones lost to violence. If you feel down and hopeless right about now, we don’t blame you. With all this societal tumult, you might have noticed a strange sensation — an emptiness or a sense of despair. You may be wondering what the point of it all is. It’s very possible you’re grieving — for your former life, for your previously perfectly planned future, for the state of the world. This might be a new experience for you (and if it is, consider yourself lucky). But it isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve crafted this beginner’s guide to grief. We’ll get through this — together.

Cover Photo: Funwithfood (Getty Images)

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