Weird News: Chips Ahoy Creates Sour Patch Kids Cookies Because Who Gives a Damn at This Point

Things are getting really weird out there and it’s all because we’re stuck at home with nothing to do during coronavirus quarantine. After we’re done working from home, our days are spent napping, snacking, and watching way too much TV. We’re also starting to get some serious cabin fever. This has made it seem like a good idea to finally fix some things around the house, brew our own beer, and take up gardening. All in all, we’re feeling a little loopy and not acting like ourselves. Perhaps this strange environment is to blame for the new cookies coming from Chips Ahoy.

The brand is known for its crispy, crunchy cookies loaded with a toothache-worthy quantity of chocolate chips. It’s also been known to make cookies with peanut butter chips, nuts, and various other normal cookie-centric ingredients. Unlike Oreo, the folks at Chips Ahoy don’t usually get whacky with flavors. But perhaps the state of the world has forced them into this. They’re launching a Sour Patch Kids cookie.

Photo: Mat Hayward (Getty Images)

That’s right, those sweet and sour gummies that always get caught in your teeth will soon debut embedded in cookies. The product doesn’t seem like the perfect match for a cookie, but for some reason, we’re actually on board with this. To quote Frank Reynolds, “I’m gonna get real weird with it.” Let’s start with cookies.

The limited-edition cookies will be available nationwide beginning in May. We’re planning to get real weird with it and buy a box our two ourselves. Don’t believe us? Check out the GIFs below showing how excited we are.

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