Firefighters Save 420-Gallon Bottle of Wine Before It Exploded, Priorities in the Right Place

If you find yourself with a solitary bottle of wine with a crack in it or some other imperfection, your first thought would be to try to save the bottle (or drink it all before it leaks out), right? Well, what if the bottle in question wasn’t 750 milliliters, but a 10-foot tall bottle containing 420 gallons of red wine? Obviously, you’d call in the local fire department to help you guarantee said bottle’s safety.

At the end of January, firefighters in the Austrian town of Lustenau were called to a local Chinese restaurant. They weren’t there to put out a grease fire or replace the smoke detectors, they were there to make sure a giant bottle of wine didn’t explode and flood the restaurant with waves of fermented grapey goodness. You see, workers at the restaurant noticed that the massive bottle was leaking its contents onto the floor.

The giant bottle, which had been an attraction at the restaurant since 2017, is so big it even received a Guinness World Record as the largest filled glass wine bottle in the world. The reason for the leak and the panic was because the temperature-controlled case the bottle was housed in lost power and pressure began to build inside. The firefighters created a flood barrier of sandbags around the bottle in case it exploded and then proceeded to drill into the cork before pumping out the rest of the wine into dairy containers. No word as to whether or not patrons got a chance to drink the wine or if it was saved to return to the bottle at a later date.

Photo: Rhonda Gutenberg (Getty Images)

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