Once Upon a Timeline: The Endless Style of Brad Pitt Over the Past 30 Years

Regardless of gender, it’s impossibly difficult to be stylishly sexy all the time. Except in the case the style of Brad Pitt. The 56-year-old actor seems to only get more attractive with age, something that’s not easy to do. The Benjamin Buttoning of Brad Pitt doesn’t just have to do with his super perfect body, boyish grin, and chiseled abs, but his evolving sense of style, which we’ve had the pleasure of peeping as he’s matured into one of the finest actors in Hollywood. Is this the work of brilliant stylists, the fact that he’s a method actor, or is he simply influenced by the different relationships he leaps into and out of? One thing’s certain: he’s never looked better. Keep reading to experience the endless style of Brad Pitt over the last 30 years.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff (Getty Images)

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Which time period in Brad Pitt’s evolution of style is your favorite? Sound off when Brad was peak Brad Pitt stylistically in the comments!

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