Pabst Is Trying to Class It Up With Craft Brew IPA (And 8 Other Beer Brands Who Tried and Failed)

If you pay close attention to the world of beer (and we’re sure you do), you might have noticed that Pabst Brewing Company just launched a “craft” beer. How a company the size of Pabst is able to release a beer and refer to it as craft, we’ll never know. But we also don’t really know what is and isn’t a craft beer anymore since it seems like all of our favorite craft breweries are being snatched up by giant brands. But, either way, Pabst is launching a craft beer line called “Captain Pabst” after the namesake of the company, Captain Frederick Pabst.

The first beer from the new line is called Seabird IPA. Made with Mosiac, Magnum, Cascade, and Citra hops, this beer was designed to be hoppy, light, and easy to drink. The beer’s name comes from a steamship owned by Captain Pabst that ended up beached along the shore of Lake Michigan. This accident was the last straw for Pabst and he decided to get into the beer business instead.

Sadly, if you don’t live in the Midwest, you can’t yet try this new brew. Currently, it’s only available in Wisconsin and the greater Chicago area. We don’t know if this beer will be a hit, but it does remind us of other beer brands who’ve attempted to change their image — and it backfired big time.

Photo: Pabst

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