The Delicate Art of Becoming a Social Drinker (That People Still Want to Hang Out With)

A peculiar thing happens as you get older: you prioritize your wants and needs. High on the list of things you definitely don’t want or need is a hangover. Of course, once you’re old enough to truly feel the impact of a level-12 hangover, you can waste a whole 24 hours surviving it. In the end, the epic partying becomes more of a barrier than a blast, which really forces you to redefine having fun. However, just because you’re easing into party retirement doesn’t mean you have to lose your edge. Keep reading to find out how to achieve the delicate balance of being a social drinker people still want to hang out with.

Photo: David Lees (Getty Images)

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Did you hang your party hat up to be a socially responsible drinker? How did your life change and what’s it like at parties? Let us know in the comments!

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