How to Hilariously Defeat Your Loud-Ass Neighbors

When it comes to living spaces, people tend to get a little edgy about their boundaries. They build fences, install blackout curtains, and perform a variety of other tricks to go undetected by their annoying neighbors. Sometimes this works, and both households are free to live in perfect harmony. Oftentimes, however, drastic measures must be taken. This is especially true in apartment living. With no fences, yards, or alleyways to put a sanity-saving amount of space between you, it’s very easy for neighbors to get on each other’s nerves. Maybe they blast music too loud, walk up the steps like they have lead boots on, or have an annoying little dog that refuses to stop yapping no matter the hour. If any of this sounds familiar, here are a few ways to hilariously defeat your loud ass-neighbors.

Cover Photo: MASSIVE (Getty Images)

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