The Two Words Driving Women Wild In Bed Sound Better Suited To A Well-Behaved Dog

Most human beings don’t want to be treated like dogs. Yet, a recent Reddit thread suggests some women get more than a little excited if you talk to them as if they were a four-legged furball.

According to the Daily Star, a fair amount of ladies revealed all it takes is two words to make them orgasm while they’re getting it on these days. Those two words? You guessed ’em — good girl.

“I love how he talks me through my orgasms and tells me I’m a good girl,” one Redditor said, while another dropped in with, “A well timed ‘good girl’ can destroy me.”

“I also like hearing good girl,” a third Redditor said. “It’s so sexy. Gets me going like no other.”

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To be honest, it’s a lot better than if women said the two words “Gone Girl” made them horny. That would have been way more disturbing. Still, “good girl” still sounds better equipped for when a three-year-old takes a dump in the potty instead of their drawers. Or when a dog kills a mouse in the garage.

Nevertheless, if you’re in need of upping your dirty talk game, it probably wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Odds are it’ll go over better than, “You’re almost as good as your sister.”