A Dude Named Ronald McDonald Was Shot At A Sonic

What’s next, Mayor McCheese getting shanked at a KFC?

According to Fox News, a 36-year-old North Carolina man was shot during an argument at a Lumberton Sonic Drive-In Thursday evening, which on its own is about as newsworthy as my grandpa clipping his toenails.

But throw in the fact that the dude’s name was Ronald McDonald, and now you’ve got something.

Ronald McDonald shot at Sonic
Police said McDonald is the husband of one of the managers at the Sonic “restaurant,” and at one point during his Thursday evening visit, he decided to get into an argument with a 24-year-old employee named Telvin Drummond.

McDonald left the Sonic but returned a short while later, this time with a gun. Luckily for Drummond, he was also packing heat, and the two exchanged gunfire.

Ronald McDonald is apparently a terrible shot, as he missed Drummond entirely, but Drummond was able to hit McDonald once, sending him to the hospital with a “non-life threatening injury” in the process.

No charges have been filed, so if you’re keeping score at home, shooting Ronald McDonald at a Sonic will get you zero jail time, but stealing Ronald McDonald’s hamburgers will get you stripes for life. Just ask the Hamburglar.

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