Top 10 Reasons Why… You Will Never Get Out Of Debt

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Debt: Many of us already have it; most of us will have it forever. It can be a pretty depressing thing to think about, so that’s why it’s better to accept it and move on with your life of crippling debt. Here are the top 10 reasons why you will never get out of debt, so you should just stop trying.

10. Your parents cut you off after they gave you money last summer to get out of debt and you spent it all on fireworks.

9. You still can’t find that damn overdue library book that is racking up late fees.

8. You will not ride in anything less than UberLUX.

7. You’re living paycheck to still-another-week-until-the-next paycheck.

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6. You order take-out every night, and four times on weekends.

5. You’re incredibly irresponsible, but still not enough to receive a bailout from the government.

4. You only have two skills: maxing out credit cards and making minimum payments.

3. You can’t stop betting on the Tampa Bay Rays for some reason.

2. Your worthless college degree will not be officially paid off until the year 2096.

1. You’re an idiot.

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