Does A Bigger Dick Make For A Better Lover? We Found Out

Every man wants a bigger dick. The reason why is because most of us don’t have big dicks. We tend to reside in what’s considered average — which, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, is around 5.6 inches. According to this same study, only three percent of men measure over eight inches, meaning, this hung subsection of gentlemen are most definitely rare. And lucky.

But does this rarity offer sexual prowess? That’s the common belief. Women tend to favor a larger appendages because we’ve been led to believe that this is an attractive trait, not unlike larger breasts or a sumptuous derriere in a female. As such, most men feel inferior, since, as research has proved (and I mention prior), over 95 percent of us don’t measure up to this impossible ideal.

But, social perception aside, do guys with big dicks indeed make better lovers? I sought to find out and asked roughly 20 women what kind of man (well, penis) they believed made for top-notch lovemaking.

First, here are some arguments in favor of the big guys:

“I prefer big ones 100%. I feel that guys with big dicks are more confident, which lends itself to feel better. Big dick turns me on, which makes the sex better for me. My two favorite guys to sleep with have the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen. I also feel like people tend to say that men with smaller dicks perform better and do other stuff to make up for it, but trust me: there are guys out there with big dicks who do just the same.” – Madelin, 26

And another:

“Size matters and length definitely is a plus, but that always depends on the woman’s comfort and the placement of her cervix/uterus. Some women can handle length, others can’t. But bigger isn’t always better. Men have a tendency to lead with their penises, forgetting that arousal is an important and integral part of sexual intercourse. And just because it’s big doesn’t mean they know how to use it.

“Personally, I prefer girth over length. I’ve had a few long boys get lost in the moment and hit my cervix. That was PAINFUL. So I will typically turn down sex with men who are above average in length. 8.5 inches max for me!” – Melissa, 28

Photo: monstArrr_ (Getty)

Arrogance was the most common trait women cited in men with big penises. So does that, in turn, mean a lack of confidence lends itself to being a better, more generous lover? With the assumption that men with smaller penises lack confidence, here’s what some other ladies had to say in defense of smaller dudes:

“Can I please just bottom line this and say ‘Hell no!’ to a huge penis? I’ve talked to so many women who have actually said to guys, ‘You’re not putting that thing inside of me!’

I’ve personally never had kids so smaller is better for me. I can’t speak for women who have been stretched out because of childbirth, but when that thing bangs up against my cervix, it is pretty much going to end up in an urinary tract infection. Also, it is really hard to give good blow jobs because you can’t get it all in your mouth. Give me a small one any day!” – Brynn, 30

And this:

“I’ve been with a mix of everything: small, medium, large and even an extra large person. And it really was different with every guy. To be honest, the guy with the extra large size penis was pretty bad in bed. He was cocky about his size. But one guy who had a tiny one rocked me pretty good! He had more to make up for I think, something extra to prove.” – Kat, 28

The other responses I received were more of the same. One — Rachel, 26 — even provided a pros and cons list to the big penis, which reinforces these prior notions. “Pros: looks great, feels amazing to be penetrated deeply.” As for the cons? “It’s not uncommon for a guy with a big dick to be arrogant and not try as hard.”

She also cites that the best sex she’s ever had was with a man with a “slightly above average penis” as well as “some extra meat on his bones.” She then likened his weight to his attentiveness as a lover; meaning, again, this lack of confidence (not in his penis, however, but his body type) is a factor in being a more considerate lover.

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“A man I was crazy about once had a very small penis but he was extra tender, loving and made sure I received pleasure before realizing his own every time,” Carol explains, confirming that: “I truly believe it is how you use what you have is more important than penis size.”


It’s undeniably easier to be a better lover with a bigger penis. So in a sense, yes, a bigger penis does make you a better lover, if for no other reason than you’re better equipped to secure an orgasm. (Girth is more important than length, I’ve been told.)

But more important than size, according to female testimony, is how you use it, and according to the information collected, hung dudes tend to be more arrogant and selfish lovers.

Smaller men on the other hand, feel as though they have something to prove (their words, not mine) and make their partner’s orgasm a priority. But this lack of confidence wasn’t limited to the penis. Men who didn’t share idyllic qualities in other areas — see: weight, appearance, etc. — also felt as though they had something to prove, and did so by putting in some extra work in the bedroom.

Perhaps it was Alexis, 25, who said it best: “It’s an interesting contradiction that the popular consensus is that bigger men are better, whereas with women, extremely tight is the most desired. That means that, should two individuals who represent the ideal of either gender get together, the experience is more likely to be extremely satisfying for the male and physically agonizing for the female.”

Since this was a female’s sentiment, one thing was left out (because she isn’t a man, and can’t speak to that side of things, understandably): a super tight female having intercourse with a huge male doesn’t work. It won’t go in, no matter how much prying has been done.

The ideal of both worlds isn’t possible. Or if it is, it’s not enjoyable. So maybe, as with most things, it’s best to reside somewhere in the middle of these two extremes: you’re not too big to boast an undeserved confidence or tap the cervix during penetration (which is very painful, I’ve heard), but you’re not too small, either.

While it’s certainly beneficial to boast a bigger penis, what you want is to be in the middle: the Goldilocks of c*cks.