8 Filthy Art Pieces You’ll Never Want To See Again

People play pretty fast and loose with the term “art.” What is art? It’s hard to say anymore. We’d like to think it’s the best a talented person can do with some form of art supply — pencils or paint usually come to mind. But of course, even “art supply” seems to be up for interpretation with the following artists, making their works as disturbing as they are disgusting.

Menstrual Blood Trump
filthy art pieces, disgusting art, sarah levy menstrual blood trump
We’ll start with a popular news item from way back in September of last year when Donald Trump was saying horrible things about immigrants and women that were pissing everyone off. Not much has changed since then, including our ability to stomach this painting of The Donald by Sarah Levy, made using her own menstrual blood. Yes, it’s going to be one of those kinds of lists. Hang in there.

Bloody Airbrush Paintings

His name’s Dr. Rev Mayers, but everyone calls him the Bloodpainter. And no, the nickname isn’t all that clever. This Australian tattoo artist uses his blood to make (often disturbing) paintings. Seems like he could have put that blood to better use by donating it, but hey, he’s the “artist.”

Fingernail Paperweights
filthy art pieces, disgusting art, mike drake fingernail paperweights

Biting your nails is a filthy habit all its own, so we’re not quite sure how Mike Drake was able to turn his old clippings into what some deem art. Art that sells for $300 to $500 apiece, mind you. Are you feeling queasy yet?

Human Blubber Soap

People will try just about anything that has the word “organic” on it. I guess that goes for this soap made from the excess lard of performance and makeup artist Orestes De La Paz, who poured his liposuctioned fat and soul into the bars of soap he wound up selling for 1000 bucks a pop. Seems reasonable. You can check out the full process above, but prepare to never want to eat mashed potatoes again.

Back Hair Calendar
filthy art pieces, disgusting art, back hair art tyler harding mike wolfe

With works with names like “AmHAIRica The Beautiful,” it was only a matter of time before former graphic designer turned manscaping expert Tyler Harding turned his terrible idea of calling this crap art into a full-fledged “CalendHAIR.” Well, that’s not fair. Technically, this is a joint effort with his canvas: a woolly mammoth of a man by the name of Mike Wolfe. That’s right, it took two people to get famous for this ridiculous joke of a concept.

Vomit Milk

Millie Brown drinks colored milk, then pukes all over some canvases. Call it art if you’d like. We call it “the reason we are only doing two more of these.” You want more; watch the splattertastic video embedded above.

X-Rated Film
filthy art pieces, disgusting art, lauren barri holstein

Even your basic mutilation porn is considered art to some people. Take London-based university lecturer Lauren Barri Holstein, for instance. She showed a video of herself cutting tomatoes with a vagina knife and giving birth to a plastic Bambi toy and called it feminist performance art. Unfortunately, most of her students didn’t see it that way.

Dead Cat Drone

We take back all the nasty things we’ve said about these so-called artists, namely Bart Jansen. This Dutchman turned his dead cat into a flying mechanism called the Orvillecopter (named after Orville Wright, of course). After all, who doesn’t want their dead rotting corpse to be turned into a novelty helicopter? That’s not remotely disturbing. Emphasis on “remote.”