Drunk Customer Leaves $1,088 Tip But Takes It Back The Next Day

Well, at least this guy has an excuse. I mean, Val Kilmer did the same thing when he was sober.

According to Mashable, a customer at a popular Edgewater, Colorado, Thai restaurant who left a $1,088 tip for his server over the weekend had the stones to return the next day and ask for it back.

His reason? You guessed it: He was shithoused and couldn’t differentiate between George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

drunk customer leaves $1,088 tip
Bee Anantatho, the owner of Thailicious, said the man left one of her servers a tip of $1,088 for a $60 meal. That waiter was obviously ecstatic about it and wanted to put it in the tip jar where all servers share their tips, but Anantatho told him to hold onto it in case the customer came back for it.

Unfortunately for Anantatho’s waitstaff, that was indeed the case the following morning when the customer came back, apologized and asked for it back.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry, I was drunk,'” Anantatho said. “He didn’t know he put all the money he had in the checkbook.” She added that he mistakenly put the $100 bills down thinking they were actually of the one-dollar variety.

To be fair, the dude wound up leaving a $40 tip for the $60 meal, which is damn near a 67 percent tip. It’s just that when you compare it to a tip of $1,088, it sucks.

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