Everyone’s Arguing About A Woman’s Ass On Instagram

There are obviously a lot of important things currently going on in the world, and a lot of issues that need to be addressed. But don’t worry, because some people are taking time to solve one issue: Is a woman’s ass on Instagram the real deal or not?

The hoopla started when fitness guru Kayla Itsnine shared a photo of a woman who has been using her popular Bikini Body Guides (or BBG) for a year now. Check out the photo Kayla shared on her Instagram of 29-year-old Canadian Liza Parker:

@ljadeparker has been doing my program for a year now Look, I’m just gonna say it… we are all thinking it ….Liza…that’s a VERY nice looking – phone case #bootygainz #loveit #sweatwithkayla www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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And in rolled in the opinions:

Everyone's Debating Over A Woman's Ass On Instagram

Everyone's Debating Over A Woman's Ass On Instagram

Criticism reached Liza, as she became aware of everything going on which prompted her to share a video of herself in order to quiet down the haters. Check out the video below thanks to her Instagram:

So here’s me making a fool of myself in my kitchen! But I wanted to have some real talk with all of you and thought it would lighten the mood I woke up yesterday to @kayla_itsines featuring my BBG progress pic. I couldn’t believe it! I was pretty jacked! Then the Internet trolling started It shouldn’t have bothered me, but it did. I was accused of “getting surgery” to achieve my figure and that I had “photo shopped” my picture. Both completely FALSE. There was a lot more said. Some of which were absolutely hurtful & terrible I have seen these comments on other progress pictures Kayla has shared and I just don’t understand it. As someone who is very open on social media I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’ve dealt with negative comments in the past. However I’m never okay with body shaming or trying to discredit the hard work someone has put inOn social media we usually share the best of the best. We find the best light, the best angle, and quite often the best filter and it may not accurately portray what that person looks like every day. I was feeling pretty good the day I took my booty progress pic I put on my fav shorts, found some good light and posed in a way that I felt accentuated the gains I had made. I didn’t think I would ever be attacked for it For me it has always been about the strength and confidence I have built in addition to the physical gains. I know I shouldn’t let comments from people who don’t know me get to me but I felt I needed to stand up for myself. This is ALL me. And I love this program. And it works! I love all of you for being so supportive always Stay classy fit fam!

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And here’s another picture of Liza showing off her new backside:

Four rounds of BBG done! Went out and bought some fancy purple shorts to celebrate Have really learned to love and embrace my body as it continues to change (really not complaining about the booty gains either ) Will be starting another round of BBG 2.0 since I am still really loving this program from @kayla_itsines! Took a few much needed rest days this week to allow myself to reset. I like to do this after each 12 week round to refocus both mentally & physically. The goal for this round is to focus on building more upper body strength, increase my weights, and to make sure I get all my rehab sessions in Less than 4 weeks and I will be done 1 year of BBG!

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In conclusion: Liza is happy with her new ass, even though the debate continues somewhere between girls at shopping malls (probably).

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