Brave Surgeons Remove Live Grenade From Soldier’s Face

Let’s all give a shout-out to a group of incredibly brave doctors who risked their own lives to save the life of a soldier. Private Leandro Luna had a live grenade stuck in his face when another soldier accidentally fired off a grenade launcher in his direction. You know that friendship is pretty much over.

The 20-year-old has Colombian surgeons at Bogota’s Central Military Hospital to thank, as they removed the “cellphone-sized” M-40 grenade from his right cheek. This procedure has already been hailed as one of the scariest, yet most impressive, moments in medical history. They deserve all the kudos they get.

Check out some footage of the procedure in the video below, but heads up: It’s very graphic.

After taking an eight-hour ambulance ride to the hospital with crushed cheek bones and missing teeth, and going through a miracle procedure, the grenade in his face never exploded. “It was a decisive five minutes where any small mistake would’ve been fatal,” chief surgeon William Sanchez tells El Tiempo.

The procedure was performed in the parking lot of the hospital because of the risks involved. Surgeons used a pair of tweezers to remove the grenade and then passed it to the local bomb squad.

After all this, Luna is doing well, though he will require a series of reconstructive surgeries to repair the areas of his face damaged by the grenade.

Now these folks definitely deserve some employee of the month benefits.

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