Mandatory’s 2016 Spirits Guide For Father’s Day

Yesterday we showed you some pretty cool clothing and gear you can get your dad for Father’s Day, but some dads prefer gifts of the liquid variety on their special day. Specifically, alcohol. If your dad’s like my dad, a sixer of Miller Lite will be just fine, but don’t be afraid to spoil him a little. He deserves it. Below are several high-quality spirits to consider for Father’s Day. Let the libations begin.

“Endless Rant IPA” From Adam Carolla
adam carolla drinks, endless rant IPA
I asked Mr. Carolla why this beer would make a good Father’s Day gift and he replied, “Because the best way to connect with your father is with a cold beer and a warm buzz.” Can’t argue with that.

A balance of the classic West Coast IPA citrus and pine character with the new school tropical fruit profile hops supported by a solid malt backbone and a clean bitter finish, The Endless Rant IPA tastes delicious and is great for any occasion — from unwinding at home and watching sports to backyard barbecues and summer gatherings. (6.2% ABV, $9.99 for 22.5 ounce bottle)

Special Edition Rolling Stones Jose Cuervo Especial
father's day spirits guide, gift guide liquor

For the rock star dads out there, not afraid of the front row at a concert or partying at the club, there is the Cuervo family’s blue agave recipe bottled at 81 proof. The bottle is a portal into rock ‘n’ roll history; his chance to party like The Stones and the gaggle of celebrities and fans in their wake. The bottle was created to celebrate the pivotal role Jose Cuervo® played in fueling The Rolling Stones™’ notorious 1972 North American tour, which was dubbed the “Tequila Sunrise Tour.” Rock on! ($19)

1800 Milenio
father's day spirits guide, gift guide liquor

For the dad who enjoys luxury items. Milenio is premium extra-aged anejo tequila, matured for 40 months in American Oak barrels. The liquid spends four months being finished in French Oak ex-cognac barrels. It has a surprisingly balanced, soft and unique flavor with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and caramel ($225)

Facundo Exquisito
father's day spirits guide, gift guide liquor

Even if your dad’s not a pirate, he still probably enjoys a good rum (and if he is a pirate, awesome). Exquisito is a bold dark rum blend which marries younger rums aged seven years and matured rums aged 23 years aged in oak barrels and finished in sherry casks. After the aging process, the rums are blended, transferred and stored in sherry casks to rest for a minimum of one month; the result is a bold, yet delicately balanced rum. Exquisito combines the fruitier notes of its seven year-old rums with the smokier and spicier notes of its 23-year-old rums, each bringing its own distinct aromas and taste to this smooth, silky blend. Exquisito is best served neat to experience all the nuanced flavors the liquid has to offer. ($149)

The Glenlivet 21 Year Old Single Malt (Engraved Custom Bottle)
father's day spirits guide, gift guide liquor

Dad loves scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Down into his belly. This Father’s Day, complete a true whisky aficionado’s collection with an engraved bottle of The Glenlivet, the single malt that started it all. The 21 Year Old is produced in small, bespoke batches. Each cask is nosed and approved, making every batch unique To add a personalized touch, custom engrave a bottle of the rich and intense 21-year-old single malt to make your gift even more memorable and heartfelt. ($255)

Booker’s Annis’ Answer
father's day spirits guide, gift guide liquor

Last but not least, here’s a bourbon that is only for the real dadly dads out there (not sure what that means). What I mean by that is that it is 126.7 proof. If you want to sip on some with your old man, just be warned that it’ll put hair on your chest. (And you should probably sip with ice or cut with water.)

Booker’s Batch 2016-02, also referred to as Annis’ Answer, pays tribute to Booker’s proposal to his wife and the day they were married. Annis’ Answer features a unique batch label depicting an engagement ring, so there’s a nice love story behind this one for your old man. Annis’ Answer is now available nationwide ($59.99)