Watch This NYC CitiBiker Get Tackled By Police Moments Before Obama’s Motorcade Rolls Through

President Obama was in New York City Wednesday afternoon for an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and a fundraiser, meaning numerous streets were either closed or barricaded for security purposes.

As is usually the case, not everybody in the Big Apple got the memo. In particular, 59-year-old Daniel Provencio paid a heavy price for not knowing what was shaking at the corner of Park Avenue and East 50th Street:

This #Citibike rider tries to penetrate a #NYPD barrier seconds before the #Obama #motorcade rolls across Park Avenue… what happens next will not surprise you #clickbait

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Despite officers yelling for him to stop, not to mention the fact that there were police lights already flashing at the intersection, it looked as though Provencio had absolutely no intention of stopping, so officers were forced to tackle him and the innocent ride-sharing bike to the ground. And given that this is the president of the United States we’re talking about here, Provencio should feel rather fortunate that this was the method officers used to bring him down.

Provencio was issued a disorderly conduct summons, which seems like a small price to pay for being an absolute dipshit in front of the commander in chief.

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