Oregon Woman Gives Up Shaving, Grows Full Beard

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Shaving is a drag. That’s why if I was capable of growing facial hair like an adult I would hate it, and it seems that was the case with one woman who grew so tired of daily shaving she opted to go with a full beard instead.

Oregon Woman Grows Full Beard After Giving Up Shaving,

Rose Geil first noticed her excess hair when she was 13 years old, and that led to her shaving every single day. Geil also plucked and underwent pricey laser procedures. But Geil grew tired of doing all that for over 20 years, and now she has just let her beard run rampant.

“Growing my beard has made me more confident,” the 39-year-old tells Daily Mail. “I feel pretty with my beard, and I never felt pretty before. It feels amazing being me.”

Oregon Woman Gives Up Shaving, Grows Full Beard

Geil found herself wearing long sleeves and high turtlenecks in order to hide the excess body hair she had as well, so that she could maintain relationships with men.

“Revealing my body hair in any relationship was of course very scary and difficult and I was lucky enough and had some understanding partners in my early twenties,” Geil reveals. “It was more of an issue for me just being self conscious and worrying about revealing myself and facing rejection.”

Oregon Woman Gives Up Shaving, Grows Full Beard

It took Geil six weeks to grow a full beard, but it didn’t come without its ups and downs: “Growing my beard was an incredible experience. It was very difficult, daily emotionally and physically in the beginning because it was very uncomfortable, itchy and crawly. I had to fight the urge to shave.”

Geil is now getting more attention than ever from men: “Some of them get a little carried away, marriage proposals, offering plane tickets to come visit, inappropriate pictures you name it,” Geil says.

Oregon Woman Gives Up Shaving, Grows Full Beard

“I definitely feel womanly, sexy and sensuous. I feel more feminine and it has very little to do with my appearance; it comes from my attitude and giving myself the freedom to be who I am…I’ve finally accepted the real me.”

Geil hasn’t been officially diagnosed, but she believes her hairiness is due to a combination of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and genetics.

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