Mandatory’s 2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Where would you be without your dear old dad? If the answer is jail or someplace only slightly better than jail, then you should probably get your father something for Father’s Day, which is right around the corner on June 19. We’ve got some fantastic gift ideas below to help you out, and no matter what kind of dad you have, we’re sure he’s the best. So he deserves some of the best stuff below.


“Dynamic Stretch” Denim Jeans From Mott & Bow
stretch denim jeans, mott and bow jeans
If your dad is anything like mine, he values comfort above all else. However, you can’t let Dad go anywhere he pleases in sweatpants. Well, these are jeans that feel like sweatpants, but retain all the qualities you’d expect of premium denim. They’re really soft and have a 35 percent stretch factor. You feel the difference when you wear them, but no one can see the difference. Dad will love them. ($118)

Italian Made Footwear From M.Gemi
m.gemi the salotto, the pranzo shoes, italian made luxury shoes

Every good man deserves a pair of Italian shoes. Your father is a good man. I think you see where we’re going here. Founded in 2015 and offering expertly designed, Italian-made footwear, M.Gemi is pioneering the new category of postluxury, direct-to-consumer footwear.

The seasonal collection includes traditional dress styles like oxfords and loafers, as well as a casual selection of driving moccasins, boat shoes, white-bottom sneakers and more. (Priced between $198 and $278)

Foot Cardigan Socks
2016 father's day gift guide, foot cardigan socks

To recommend getting your dad a pair of boring socks for his special day would be ludicrous. Luckily for him, Foot Cardigan is so much more than that. With a wide selection of Father’s Day-themed socks featuring hammers, ratchets, screwdrivers and even grooming tools, you’d be wise to order now before some of the limited editions are out of sock for good (and yes, that typo was meant as a pun). (subscriptions starting at $9 a month)

“Watch Your Wellness” With Philip Stein’s Line Of Watches
philip stein watches, father's day gift guide

If you’ve bought your dad a tie for the past five Father’s Days and want to switch it up this year, you can never go wrong with a durable, yet stylish watch. Whether dad’s the sporty type or leans more classic, prefers a pop of color or goes more vintage, luxury accessories brand Phillip Stein offers a variety of unique styles that will match his own unique personal style. Dad will also benefit from the Natural Frequency Technology (NFT) featured in every Philip Stein watch. Research studies suggest that subjects wearing Philip Stein watches may experience reduced stress, more restful sleep, and increased wellness.

EyeBuyDirect Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
2016 father's day gift guide, eyebuydirect eyeglasses

EyeBuyDirect products are more than meet the eye. With that lame joke out of the way, here’s what actually separates them from the pack. Along with a seemingly endless array of styles that are sure to fit the high demands of any father, hip dads who spend most of their time online or even playing video games might opt to upgrade to Digital Protection Lenses to prolong the use of their ever dwindling eyesight. (starting at just $6!)


Penny Skateboards
2016 father's day gift guide, penny skateboards

You may remember us singing the praises of Penny Skateboards last December, and that’s because they’re the perfect board for anyone starting out…including dear old dad. Having just released their 2016 collection featuring the boldest and brightest designs to date (in both the 22″ and 27″ variety), they’re an affordable and fun way to connect with your pops on a whole new level. ($99.99-139.99)

The American Soap And Hatchet Set From Duke Cannon
american soap and hatchet set, duke cannon gear

This kit provides men all the supplies they need to get stuff done. In addition, it provides some awesome tools that all dads would be happy to own, including a survival hatchet for camping trips, two Big Ass Bricks of Soap, Tactical Soap on a Rope, Heavy Duty Hand Soap, Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm, Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant and a steel bottle opener. All Duke Cannon items and the survival hatchet are made in the USA. The kit comes packaged in an old military ammo can completing one of the most kick-ass gifts any dad can receive this summer. ($175)

Cannondale Catalyst 1
cannondale catalyst 1, father's day gift guide

Fire up your father’s lifelong love of cycling with a bicycle that’s ready for anything, from street to singletrack, with a Catalyst. Its lightweight aluminum frame, sporty riding position and wide-range gearing means the Catalyst is ready for anything, and dads are always up for anything, right? ($705)

“Little Victories: A Sportswriter’s Notes On Winning At Life” By Jason Gay
jason gay little victories book, little victories paperback

All dads take pride in being a good family man. Many dads love sports. Some dads like to read. Very few will admit to taking advice. However, this book, the hilarious debut of Wall Street Journal writer Jason Gay, embarks on a comic journey through family and fatherhood, sickness and health, heartbreak and joy. Your dad will appreciate a quality book like this. (Now available in paperback, $14.95 or less)

M5 e-Scooter From EcoReco
ecoreco electric scooter, M5 e-scooter

Okay, now forget about giving your dad a book for Father’s Day. Give him an awesome electric scooter instead (or get him both). M5 is the mainstream EcoReco model to lead your pops into the new era of personal transportation. Designed for adults, it’s made for riders who have rough terrain on their daily routes, demand versatility or simply won’t settle for anything but the best ride quality. And it’s fun as hell. ($1,099)

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