Sperm Donor Thought To Be Genius Turns Out To Be Felon With Mental Health Issues

Well, at least they caught the error after…let’s see…36 kids were birthed. Oh dear.

According to MSN, two Vancouver families are suing an Atlanta-based sperm bank and their local fertility center after the vials of donor sperm they used to get pregnant that were thought to be from a genius with an IQ of 160 turned out to be from a convicted felon with mental health issues instead.

sperm donor turns out to be felon instead of genius
Three other families also sued Xytex Corporation in Atlanta earlier this year after saying they too were mislead about Donor #9623. Xytex’s website allegedly said that along with an IQ of 160, the donor had an “impressive health history” as well as “a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.” Plus, he was working toward a PhD in neuroscience engineering.

Well, much like a girl’s Tinder profile pic, it turned out Donor #9623’s resume was too good to be true. In fact, James Christian Aggeles ended up being pretty much the exact opposite of a neuroscience engineering genius.

In 2000, Aggeles was diagnosed with schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, a drug-induced psychotic disorder and significant grandiose delusions. He also had zero degrees, not even one from ITT Tech, and had been arrested for “burglary, trespassing, driving under the influence and disorderly conduct.”

The two Vancouver families suing Xytex this time around have also named Genesis Fertility Centre as a defendant in their lawsuits, with one of the women involved in the suit saying she was given six vials of sperm by Genesis from the same donor under the same “false misrepresentation.”

At least one of the 36 children thought to have been fathered by Aggeles is said to be suffering from “significant mood disorders,” although that’s the same thing they said about me after Santa failed to deliver a Nintendo for Christmas in ’88.

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