Romantic Bath Time Turns Into Pandemonium When Naked Woman’s Hair Catches Fire

We’ve all been there.

You’re still in that “first three months” phase of your relationship when you’re still making an effort to show your girl that you’re a romantic guy who sets the mood with candles, rose petals, a few bottles of champagne and — of course — M&Ms around a bubble bath that’s just waiting for your two naked bodies to get in so you can become one.

You’ve loaded up Spotify or your iPhone with your “sex mix” of tunes, and one of them jams in the background while you add a little more hot water to get that temperature just right. You’re relaxed. She’s relaxed. So much so that she totally forgets about the candles that are behind her as she leans her head back.

And then this happens:

Having this young lady dunk her head in the water was probably the end result this guy was looking for, but you have to think that he was hoping that the sexy music and rose petals would have done the trick instead of her hair catching fire.

h/t Daily Mail

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