This Is What It Looks Like When You Cut Half Of Your Face Off With A Chainsaw

Well, you can cross male modeling off the bucket list.

According to the Daily Mail, a 68-year-old Australian man is lucky he still has a pulse after he accidentally sliced his face in half with a chainsaw last month and then drove himself to the hospital.

Bill Singleton was chopping wood on his property in Ballarat on May 6 but lost control of his chainsaw when he hit a tree trunk. Then, he literally cut his face in half.

“All I felt and heard was the crack of the blade going through my bottom jaw,” Singleton said.

Unable to call for an ambulance because his tongue was split in two, Singleton had no choice but to hop into his vehicle and drive to the nearest hospital. But even as he made it to the hospital’s parking lot, Singleton’s battle with death was far from over.

“I was two-thirds of the way there and things started to spin, the lights went dark. I dropped to my knees and was on all fours,” he said. But Singleton eventually managed to get himself back up and made his way inside the hospital.

Luckily, doctors said the chainsaw stopped…wait for it…one centimeter short of Singleton’s larynx and carotid artery, and they were able to patch him up. Although for what it’s worth, they did say that he looked like “something out of a science fiction movie.”

And this is probably why they said that:

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