Mandatory Good News: Michael Jordan to Donate ‘The Last Dance’ Proceeds to Charity

We already think the world of Michael Jordan. Not only is he a legendary basketball player, but he also has a heart of gold, too. His latest announcement, however, has us fanboying hard. He’s reportedly donating the proceeds from his new documentary, The Last Dance, to charity. That’s an estimated $3 to $4 million going to charitable causes!

The 10-part documentary features interviews with 106 people – including heavyweights like Barack Obama – about the Chicago Bulls’ legacy. Five-time MVP player Jordan gave three interviews for the doc, which covers his final season with the Bulls, during which the team raked in a record 29 million viewers per game. The Last Dance debut, which was originally scheduled to air on ESPN in June, got bumped up to this month to appease sports fans deprived of games due to coronavirus cancellations.

While Jordan isn’t hurting for cash (he banked a whopping $130 million last year from his Nike deal), The Last Dance donation is more generous than most celebrity athletes would be willing to part with. Talk about a good sport!

Cover Photo: TIM CLARY / Staff (Getty Images)

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