Mandatory Good News: Man Uses Bucket Truck to Visit Mom, Best Kind of Mama’s Boy

With COVID-19 forcing most of the country to shelter in place, sometimes we forget that quarantine has separated families. Retirement homes all over the country are closed off to visitors, leaving the elderly without contact from loved ones. For many, family get-togethers are the highlight of their days. We’ve seen news reports about people celebrating birthdays and visiting family members on the opposite side of yards and from behind the safety of a glass window. But, this week, Charley Adams of Youngstown, Ohio, decided that he was going to visit his mother — even though she lives on the third floor of her retirement home.

No, he didn’t climb the building like some kind of real-life Spider-Man. Adams, the owner of Adams Tree Preservation, used a tree-trimming bucket to visit his 80-year-old mother. Obviously, he didn’t just roll up and climb in the bucket. He got permission from the retirement home first. But that didn’t stop it from being a huge surprise to his mother, from whom he kept his special visit a secret.

“I pulled up the truck, set up the bucket, and I called her on the phone, and I said mom, look outside, look outside your window right now, and there I was,” Adams told WFMJ-TV.

In this time of confusion and chaos with no end in sight, it’s nice to see people doing little things to make others’ time in quarantine not seem so bad.

Photo: News 5 Cleveland

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