Kylie Jenner Promoted Her Lipstick By Showing Off Her Nipples

Kylie Jenner sure knows what sells.

So how does one promote a lipstick? By showing off their nipples of course. Well, that’s Kylie’s marketing strategy (the same strategy that everyone else in her family also has). Kylie took it to her Instagram to promote her new Lip Kit color Majesty. But the lipstick is probably the last thing anyone notices because her nips steal the spotlight.

Check out the picture below:

@kyliecosmetics are you guys ready for MAJESTY? 6/16

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Kylie also added this picture recently to her Instagram to remind everyone to get the lipstick:

MAJESTY• 2 DAYS @kyliecosmetics @sashasamsonova

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And this is how she asks for your opinion: Kylie Jenner Wants Your Opinion On Her Lipstick (But We’re Too Busy Looking At Her Lingerie)