Top 10 Posts Of Every Successful Instagram Model

Less than six years ago, there was no such thing as an Instagram model. Now, they are running rampant and may soon take over the world (or at least the internet). So how do these lovely, sexy women make their living on Instagram? There’s definitely a system, a method to their hotness if you will, that every successful Instagram model follows. Here are 10 types of posts that are essential to that system.

1. The Cleavage and/or Booty Selfie

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This works even better when it’s a late-night cleavage selfie. For example:

You do you, girl, the haters gon’ hate Cut them off like you a sensei, girl

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As for those booty selfies:

Who me ?

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2. The Fitness Demonstration

Monday, let’s do this! Week 2 of the #JenSelterChallenge is up on my website!! Try this move for the booty Once again make sure your instagram is off private if you’re posting for the challenge! #NoGymNoProblem

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Because it’s important to know that they work hard on their craft.

3. The Endorsement

Some @Shredz BCAA’S after my workouts is always a good idea to help my muscles recover quickly. I’m consistent with my workouts and I have no time for sore achy muscles. I got a quick glute training session in today and I’m feeling pretty good. Remember to work all muscle groups in your glutes in order to build a nice sculpted booty. Looking for some simple workouts to build your booty? Try some of my favs: -Barbell Hig Thrusts: 5 sets/ 25-30 reps -Stiff Legged Deadlifts: 5 sets/ 25-30 reps

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So how exactly do all these hot Instagram models make money? By endorsements, of course! Like professional athletes, these models will endorse anything, but the main products are usually detox teas, fat burners, protein shakes or teeth whitening products. I buy them all.

4. The Other Hot Instagram Model

Friends share everything ..with my babe @saraunderwood | Photo by @jzl_style • @partylikejzl | #sundaybumday

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This one’s a little tricky, so pay attention. Oftentimes you go to a model’s page and they have either posted a photo of themselves with another incredibly attractive Instagram model, or have just posted a photo of the other model only. This often happens on “woman crush Wednesday” (#wcw) or #SundayBumday. However, if you head to that other model’s page, they have done the same thing for the model who posted them. It’s just a way for them to spread the word and get more follows for their fellow models, because they are all in this together.

5. The One For The Haters

When these people up and have the time to lurk on my page, talk sh*t about my boobs when they can’t even afford a breast augmentation… Get outa here. You’re up taking the time to be a hater, probably while laying on the couch, while I’m taking the time to write out my business plan for my business I’m opening we all have the same 24 hours… So put yours to some good effort.

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When you have millions of followers on any form of social media, you are bound to have some haters, too. This post is meant to specifically let all of them know where they stand.

6. The Sports Shout Out

#game6 #letstrythisagain

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Just because these girls have massive followings for their sex appeal doesn’t mean they don’t have some sports appeal, too, right bros? NBA Finals!

Alright Boys lets do this! My Warriors won the first 2 games, we need to kill it in Cleveland tonight. The first 3 people to guess the correct score BEFORE the game starts will get a phone call from me tonight and I will put it on my SnapChat! Let’s go! #DubNation – SnapChat:LaciKaySomers

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7. The #NoMakeup or #NoFilter

Snapchat: EmilySearsAUS #rainyday #yogapants #gymclothes #nomakeup

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Even though the majority of these models are far from au naturel, they’d like you to believe they are. Yes, they are still hot beyond belief without makeup or filters, so this post is simply meant to get closer to their fans and keep it real. Spoiler alert, though: They are often still wearing some makeup and probably used some filter.

8. The Meme

Tag someone who need to see it

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These ladies have a sense of humor and like internet jokes just like the rest of us!

9. The Junk Foodie

Pizza buddies @brittneypalmer

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And believe it or not, they also like to pig out sometimes! But don’t think they won’t use that as an excuse for another endorsement.

Less guilty cheat days thanks to my @proteinworld #carbBlocker and #weightlosscollection #keepItHealthyandSexy

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10. The Holy Hotness

She’ll get under ya skin if you let her bts @monsieurcoms

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Finally, this is your reminder what it’s all about. This is why these models have millions of fans. Totally worth it. Here are a couple more holy hotness examples for you, just to make sure you really get it:

Caption this ; )

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Flashback so happy by the water!

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