Kim Kardashian Returns to Instagram Nearly Naked – And Without a Wedding Ring

Will Kim Kardashian ever not be in the news? We doubt it. Even the breakdown of her marriage can’t keep the reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur down. In fact, divorce looks good on her. How do we know? From her latest Instagram post, of course.

After a brief hiatus from the social media platform, Kardashian came back, in a big (and beautiful) way. She slipped into some hosiery by SKIMS (her shapewear brand) and a bralette and posed seductively on the floor.


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The first pic featured Kardashian cross-legged, modeling the black hue of SKIMS’ new hosiery with an intimidating gaze aimed at the camera. In the second shot, Kardashian was sheathed in nude hosiery, and looked more demure, with her knees pulled up to her chest and a hand near her mouth.

But what the internet noticed, even more than the 40-year-old’s banging body in a near-naked state, was her ring finger. It was bare.

While she has posted pics of SKIMS merch without her wedding ring before, we (and every other living, breathing man we know) would like to believe she’s broadcasting her new single status. And, oh, Kim, are we ready to mingle with you. (Over 4.3 million Instagram users agree.) We don’t know how Kanye managed to fuck this up, but he is going to regret losing this woman for the rest of his life.

Cover Photo: @kimkardashian (Instagram)

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