Ranked! Mandatory Top 20 Funniest News Stories of 2020

2020 might seem like a dumpster fire that we’ll be happy to slowly stroll away from as soon as the calendar hits 2021. Seriously, we don’t even care if it’s still smoldering, we are getting as far away from this turmoil-filled, COVID-centric, Trump-ified year. There wasn’t a whole lot to laugh about this year, but somehow there were enough stories to make a top 20 funniest news stories of 2020. Check them all out below and try to forget about the most awful year we’re about to leave behind us.

Photo Credit: @emily.ghoul on Instagram

Meanwhile in Illinois: Couple Dines on Rolling Dinner Table on Wheels, Covid on the Go They Shall Name It

Researchers Uncover Secret to Happiness: It’s Right Under Your Nose (And Quite Refreshing)

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