25-Year-Old Is Youngest Man Ever Elected to Congress (And Possibly the Biggest A-Hole?)

A 25-year-old man from North Carolina became the youngest person ever elected to Congress on Tuesday night. Normally, that’d be something to celebrate – someone young! Like us! In Congress!

Unfortunately, the dude is also a total douche. If his name alone doesn’t make you gag – Madison Cawthorn – his attitude will. The real estate investment CEO is a Republican with no class. Here’s his celebratory tweet:

“Cry more, lib.”

Lib? Singular? Is there only one liberal left out there? If so, we’re guessing it’s Bernie? No, wait, he’s independent. Huh. To whom might he be referring? We can only guess.

What’s interesting is that even his supporters thought the tweet was in poor taste:

Others were less kind.

The constitution mandates that congresspeople be at least 25 years old to be elected to office, but this guy’s making us think that maybe, just maybe, that age limit needs to be raised.

Madison Cawthorn (we still insist that can’t possibly be real his name) may be the youngest congressman ever, but he also seems to be gunning for the title of Biggest Asshole in Congress. Good luck with that, man. You’ve got a lot of competition.

Cover Photo: Handout (Getty Images)

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