Dunkin’ Manager Marries Favorite Customer, Here’s to a Lifetime of Refined Love and Sugar

Love and marriage go together like coffee and donuts. Want proof? Check out this super-sweet love story.

Sugar Good (yes, that’s her real name), the manager of a Dunkin’ donuts store in Edmond, Oklahoma, recently married her favorite customer.

For a whole year, John Thompson, a retired-Marine-turned-car-salesman, had been pulling into her drive-thru (not a euphemism) to order a sausage, egg and cheese croissant and a coffee with cream and sugar. Finally, she mustered up the courage to slip one of her business cards in with his breakfast. The duo began dating, and in April, Thompson proposed in donut shop parking lot.

Just a few weeks ago, they happy couple married…at (you guessed it) the Dunkin’ drive-thru window. The bride, wearing her work uniform, stood inside. The groom drove up to the window. An officiant stood between them and married them quickly, so as not to inconvenience the customers pulling up in line. Then Good and Thompson shared a first kiss as husband and wife in the parking lot as 30 friends, family members, and customers cheered.

Misha Goli, the owner of the store, decorated the venue with balloons, a doughnut bouquet and special signage.

“Sugar connects with everybody,” Goli – referencing the bride – told the New York Times. “She’s like family. When we saw how happy John made her, we knew we wanted to do this.”

The newlyweds toasted their nuptials with cups of coffee instead of Champagne and their favorite donut flavors – glazed and maple glazed – were served on the house.

“Our story wasn’t glamour, but it was true romance,” Good said.

We’ve gotta give it to Thompson: marrying a Dunkin’ manager is certainly one way to guarantee a lifelong donut discount!

Photos: Jillian Gallagher and Emma Burke

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