The Best Twitter Reactions to the Final Presidential Debate Fiasco

Well, another presidential shouting match between Donald Trump and Joe Biden down. Thankfully it’s the final one. Now, all that lies ahead is Election Day. What did we learn tonight? Nothing new. Biden talked directly into the camera, directly to us at home, talked about how he’s not for red or blue states, but for the United States. Trump looked at the moderator and yelled all night. Trump is still afraid of wind. It was the usual night of back and forth between a man and a monster.

It was hard to quite make sense of it all but that’s what we have Twitter for. The fine folks and their tweets to help make sense of the mess. So here they are, the best of the night. All their reactions to the fracking, the tucking, and more. Fingers crossed, this is the final time we ever see Trump in any kind of debate on television.

Cover Photo: Getty Images

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