Prime Target: Amazon Selling Weird Sex T-Shirts to Children (Again)

It’s hard to like Jeff Bezos. If rumors are to be believed, homeboy is a power-hungry money-monger who treats his employees like shit and certainly doesn’t care about you, the consumer. Plus, we generally dislike any billionaire that doesn’t automatically try to become Batman, just out of principle (we’re lookin’ at you, Musk). Another big reason to dislike the owner of is because his website continues to market weird/gross T-shirts to children — even using child models in some cases. It happened once, when Amazon opted to feature young girls (like, actually young…not the fun “young” that makes up the majority of your dad’s porn queue) modeling T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Daddy’s Little Slut.” We know, classy.

Amazon removed that product eventually (after public outcry…they’re never actually, ya know, preemptive) but it seems though they have yet to learn an actual lesson. Recently, the e-retailer came under fire again for promoting children’s shirts with the verbiage “I Love Cock.” Again, classy.

To make matters worse (i.e. weirder), some of the display photos seem to feature young children actually modeling the shirts. Amazon has, yet again, pulled the shirts from their U.S. website, but they are currently still available on the UK and France versions of the website. And listen, we know Amazon uses third-party sellers on their site. But certainly, they could provide some discretion when it comes to something so icky. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need to be Batman, but he can’t he at least try not to be a criminal? We guess the old adage is correct: you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Cover Photo: Amazon

Papa don’t preach: Amazon Pulls ‘Daddy’s Little Slut’ T-Shirt Amid Backlash, Safely Going With ‘Papa’s Silly Little Ho’


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