Newman! ‘Seinfeld’ Actor Goes Postal in New PSA Encouraging Voter Participation by Mail

Newman was the mailman Seinfeld fans all loved to hate. But now, the sneaky, often irate character has redeemed himself…by going postal in a PSA.

Appearing in a USPS uniform and face mask, actor Wayne Knight reprised his role as the irritating antagonist to encourage Americans to vote by mail. Despite President Trump and his newly appointed postmaster general’s attempts to tinker with mail-in ballots, Newman reassures the public that, “The only person who can slow down the mail is the mailman!”

In the soon-to-be-viral video, Newman enumerates Trump’s totally transparent tactics, like shortening mail carriers’ hours, removing mailboxes, and decommissioning sorting machines, all in an effort to interfere with the 2020 presidential election.

But Newman reassured voters that we can trust that his “brothers and sisters in blue” will get your ballot where it needs to be in time to get counted. After all, “When the mail stops, the world stops!”

Still, it bears repeating: vote in person early or, if you’re voting by mail, request your ballot ASAP and mail it immediately after filling it out. There’s no room for procrastinators in this monumentally important presidential election – because this is not a show about nothing; it’s real life, where election integrity is everything.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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