6-Month-Old Kid Water Skiing in Utah Shows Us We’re Too Old to Impress Anyone Ever Again

Photo: instagram.com/caseyhumpherys/

If you’re a person who enjoys water skiing and outdoor sports and you have children, you probably wonder what age is appropriate to introduce your children to your watery passions. While we honestly don’t know that much about children and the ages in which they learn balance and hand-eye coordination, we’re pretty sure the answer isn’t 6 months old. Most babies can’t even sit up on their own at the age, let alone walk or water ski.

Regardless of social norms, one Utah couple decided that a half-year of life was enough for their son to take up water skiing. Casey and Mindi Humpherys recently posted a video of their tiny, recently born son Rich water skiing at Lake Powell in Utah on his Instagram account.

“I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. Apparently, that’s a big deal…#worldrecord” is the caption beneath the images on the 6-month-old’s account.


Not surprisingly, a 6-month-old water skiing is a world record. But you might be surprised to hear that baby Rich only broke the world record by six days. The previous record-holder was 6 months old and 10 days and Rich was 6 months old and 4 days.

A story about a tiny baby water skiing isn’t without its critics. Many people pointed out the dangerous nature of the seemingly unnecessary stunt. Some even called it child abuse.

But, Humpherys said that the boat was only traveling around 5 miles per hour and he never left his son’s side. Plus, before the event even took place, the infant spent a long time getting used to the board and seemed to be delighted to ride it. Right or wrong (probably wrong), this is still an unbelievable sight and we’re left wondering if anyone will ever break this record.

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