California Man Staves Off Wildfires From His Property with Canned Beer, Luckily It Was Incredibly Watered Down

Photo: Andrew Merry (Getty Images)

We all know the common phrase “fight fire with fire.” But, in most instances, we’d rather fight fire with water. But, what would you do if a fire was about to ravage your home and you didn’t have any water on hand to defend it? Well, if you’re anything like a California man, you’ll use beer instead.

Chad Little lives in Vacaville, California, an area of the state currently covered in wildfires. Recently, he was put in a precarious situation involving a lack of water and his favorite beer.

When his family was evacuated, Little stayed behind to ensure the safety of his home. To do this, he went the logical route of setting up hoses around his house so that water was constantly flowing around the property. But, just as his plan was working, he realized that the water in the area had been turned off. With no water source, Little turned to his beloved Bud Light.

He told the local paper that his friends make fun of him for drinking a beer that pretty much tastes like water. He used that to his advantage when he grabbed a 30 rack of the yellow, fizzy water as an alternative to water.

To open the cans, he grabbed some sheet metal from his workshop. He popped a few open at a time, shook them up and sprayed them at the fire, hoping he could hold it off. Luck was on his side because firefighters arrived shortly after and helped to save his house.

His garage did burn down, but at least he learned that he should always keep an extra case of beer on hand just in case of an emergency.

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