Graphic Video Shows Wild Bison Ripping the Pants Off Sturgis Biker Woman, Is It Too Soon to Joke?

A Sturgis rally in 2020 was never going to be a good idea. But, people these days are used to doing things that aren’t a good idea. Case-in-point: a woman who attended said Sturgis rally and decided that she wasn’t tempting fate enough, merely by being there. No, this woman wanted to leave an indelible mark on South Dakota. Unfortunately for her, the mark would actually be indelibly left on the woman herself.

Hopefully, by now, tourists visiting Yellowstone, Wyoming have learned the one rule of wildlife: don’t fuck with the animals. Perhaps they need to spread that bit of wisdom to South Dakota tourists as well. The woman in this video could certainly use some guidance, as she was literally gored out of her pants by a bison that she had approached. Be warned, this video is graphic and may not be suitable for children (or adults) of a certain age. But for those who do watch it, the first couple minutes are a fun game of “Who’s It Gonna Be?” Also, the running commentary by the people who filmed it is great as well.

The woman in this video is an idiot. There can be no other explanation because only an idiot would approach a bison and then be surprised by its charging. These animals are not tame. They are not your friends, they are not your pets and, quite frankly, this is their house, bitch. We’re lucky they even let us visit. To have the audacity to actually approach one of these noble creatures is to think the laws of nature don’t actually apply to you. But they do, and this woman found that out the hard way. It might be too soon to joke, but it’s never too soon to judge.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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