Puns of Anarchy: South Dakota Motorcycle Rally Invites 250,000 Bikers to Sit Bitch to Coronavirus, Upset Residents Await Kurt Sutter Spinoff

Motorcyclists aren’t known for their caution, so it comes as no surprise that 250,000 riders were expected to gun it to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally between Aug. 7 and Aug. 16 this year, coronavirus be damned. This year marks the 80th convergence of tough guys (and gals) with leather, tattoos, and bad hair to spare in South Dakota.

This super-spreader event angered local residents – more than 60 percent of them voted against the rally but the city council approved it anyway. The fear was not unfounded; early images of the event showed streets packed with bikes, bars teeming with people, and hardly a face mask in sight. Ride or die, indeed.

We wish we could just pass this off as natural selection, and let these Covidiots suffer the consequences of their recklessness, but the rub with coronavirus is that all it takes is one irresponsible asshole to infect whole swaths of people, even those practicing social distancing and diligently wearing masks. Because these bikers come from all over the country, the potential for them to take home more than a few good memories, a harsh hangover, and a MAGA hat is high.

We can only hope that, if worse comes to worst, what unfolds can be used for a Kurt Sutter spinoff.

Cover Photo: BRYAN R. SMITH / Contributor (Getty Images)

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