Toddler Goes Viral By Turning Himself Into Various Foods On TikTok

Kids do the darndest things – like going viral on TikTok. We still don’t understand how a 3-year-old knows how to use, much less rule, social media, but a kid named Tristan is now trending for his food-themed pics.

Here’s how it all went down: Tristan discovered the food filters on Snapchat and started turning himself into various edibles, from a hot dog to a chicken nugget to a taco. Only his eyes and mouth are visible, making the snaps creepy-cute.

His godmother Cherisse created a compilation of the images with audio of Tristan saying “I’m a [insert food here]!” in the most adorable voice.

@cherisseamourIf your having a bad day….. watch this LOL my 3yrold godsons fave food compilation ##foryoupage ##fyp ##food ##mukbang ##snoozzzapalooza ##TikTokFanFest♬ original sound – cherisseamour

As of this writing, the video has an outstanding 3.2 million views. Color us insanely jealous of those clicks. Go on with your bad self, Tristan. The future of social media stardom is yours.

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