Elderly Laundromat Owners Go Viral For Modeling Clothes Left Behind

Photo: Instagram.com/wantshowasyoung

If you’re anything like us, you probably wonder what happens to the clothes in a laundromat’s lost and found box if nobody ever comes back to claim them. Do they get donated to charity? Are they thrown away? Well, if you happen to leave a shirt, a pair of pants, or one random novelty sock at a laundromat in Taiwan, it might end up being featured on a viral Instagram account.

That’s because octogenarians Chang Sho-Er and her husband Wan Ji, with the help of their grandson Reef Chang, set up an Instagram account to showcase photos of the couple posing in clothes left behind at their laundromat called Mansu’s Laundry Shop in Taichung, Taiwan.

Chang is the photographer and stylist. He picks out the lost-and-found-based outfits and helps his grandparents pose. He thought setting up the social media account would be a good way to advertise their business while showing that the duo, even though they’re 84 and 83, still had style and a zest for life.

What Chang didn’t expect was the attention and love the Instagram account would receive. Who could have known that posing an elderly couple in secondhand clothes would be such a phenomenon? The account called @wantshowasyoung is so popular that it currently has over 500,000 followers even he only started the account at the end of June.

This is exactly the kind of feel-good story we need during these times and we can’t wait to see what style combinations he comes up with next.

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