Penguins Enjoying Bubbles Is Exactly What We Need During These Strange Times

Photo: Raimund Linke (Getty Images)

Don Ho sang it best when he uttered the lyrics, “Tiny bubbles in the wine / Make me happy / Make me feel fine.” Everyone likes bubbles. This is especially true when it comes to sparkling wine. But, it’s also true when you’re talking about simply blowing bubbles and watching them flutter about and land on people and things. All in all, bubbles are awesome. We’re delighted by them as babies and we continue to enjoy them as adults. It’s no surprise that animals get stoked to see bubbles too.

This is especially true when it comes to penguins. The staff at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall, England, figured this out recently. They were attempting to figure out a new way to entertain the bored birds during the COVID quarantine. That’s when inspiration struck in the form of a donated bubble machine.

Surprisingly, the penguins’ enthusiasm for bubbles isn’t as whimsical and fun as you’d expect. They actually enjoy bubbles, because as natural predators, they like the constant movement of the bubbles. It keeps them on their toes.

“In the wild, these guys are marine predators who are very sensitive to objects and movement,” caretaker Dan Trevelyan told The Good News Network. “The bubble machine is fantastic, as all the movement and new shapes and colors really stimulate these guys.”

Honestly, we don’t care why they do it. We’re just mesmerized by the penguins’ delight as they follow the bubbles around their enclosure. It’s just the kind of funny animal video we need right about now.

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