TikTok Encourages Painting Nudes Rather Than Sending Them

Video sharing platform TikTok is mostly PG. That hasn’t stopped some users from showing skin and talent by posting painted nudes instead. It’s no surprise given how randy people are on account of the coronavirus lockdown. Unfortunately, the company’s moderators are always trying to block anything too sexy. It’s more than a little ironic. The Chinese company also has mods suppress posts from ugly, poor, or disabled users. It seems the CEOs want you horny, but not too horny, which is a little creepy however you split it.

Clever users can find ways to bend the rules without getting deemed NSFW. One trick is labeling posts as “noods” or “n00ds” instead of nudes. Another workaround involves a little more creativity and paint. Artist Elena Miller, 19, skirt rules by posting colorful painted nudes of herself. She uses her camera’s thermal imaging feature to further obscure the true nature of her art. Of course, Miller also obscures nipples with a tastefully placed arm.

@elena.gjmI forgot I filmed this ##fyp ##art ##softpastel ##thermal ##drawing ##n00ds ##commission

♬ just a boy – Alaina Castillo

We review this most revealing new TikTok challenge without showing anything too saucy.

Cover photo: metamorworks (Getty Images)

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