WFH Fail: ‘Good Morning America’ Reporter Caught With His Pants Down During Remote Broadcast

Working from home isn’t for everyone. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people find themselves doing their jobs remotely. In the process, some relax their professional standards a bit, especially when it comes to their wardrobe. While we’re all guilty of toiling in our underwear in the confines of our own bedrooms or living rooms, there are limits to how naked one should get during the workday. On an old-fashioned phone call? Totally fine to eschew trousers. In a Zoom meeting? You better be fully clothed just in case you have to suddenly stand or the screen dips down. Broadcasting a live news report to millions of viewers nationwide? Put your damn pants on!

It seems like common sense, but one Good Morning America reporter didn’t get the memo. Will Reeve, the 27-year-old son of late Superman actor Christopher Reeve, appeared on the ABC morning news show Tuesday to discuss the use of drones as delivery devices for pharmacies. He was seemingly dressed in a gray suit and blue button-down shirt, his lower half obscured by a graphics banner. But as his piece came to a close, and just when he was describing “the final leg of the prescriptions’ journeys,” a wide shot revealed that Reeve was pantless.

His right bare leg was bouncing in the breeze for all to see, which at least one GMA anchor, Amy Robach, most definitely noticed, as evidenced by her awkward nod and barely stifled laughter.

Viewers instantly caught on to the wardrobe malfunction (or is it more of an omission?) and took to social media to plead with Reeve to put his pants on. Let this be a lesson, Mandatory readers: you never know who’s watching or what they can see. As long as there’s a camera lens in sight, keep your pants on.

Cover Photo: ABC

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